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Here you can buy Metamill licenses. Click "buy now", and in the purchase form, type in the Qty. field the number of users you want to have in your license (e.g. for 5-user license, quantity is 5). Volume discounts are automatically calculated. The user-id and license key will be delivered to you by e-mail soon after you have completed the purchase.

This is the full version, including code engineering in all supported languages. Metamill supports Python, ADA, C, C++, Java, C# and VB.Net.


Metamill v8.1 (Windows/Linux)

buy now   $29.95

One year license (valid 12-months)
   Note: license is valid for 12 months. This allows to reduce the current day cost.
   Fixed license does not expire.
   All prices in USD, local VAT included.

Windows Fixed

buy now   $89.95
Linux Fixed

buy now   $89.95
Upgrade Fixed

Note: Windows Fixed license works only on Windows, Linux Fixed only on Linux.

For academic licenses, please click here.

To get your Metamill license and activate it, follow the steps below.
  1. Download the evaluation version of Metamill (if you haven't done so yet)
  2. Install and verify that the evaluation version runs on your machine.
  3. Buy the license on-line
  4. The user-id and license key will be delivered to you by e-mail soon after you have completed the purchase.
  5. Start evaluation version and type in the user-id and license key you received
  6. Restart Metamill and the full, unlimited version is ready for use.

All purchases are processed by Digital River GmbH (Share-it).
Details about purchasing can be found from Share-it Customer Care Center

You can also place your order by phone or fax. Please see How Can I Order? in the Customer Care Center above. To avoid delays in processing we recommend that you use the online order form to place your order.

Purchase orders are accepted from established companies, please contact ShareIt! for more information.

  Program-IDs (you need the id when ordering off-line)
  Id         Name                              
  --------   --------------------------------- 
  141378     Metamill Standard License (12-month)
  141314     Metamill Windows Fixed License
  147809     Metamill Linux Fixed License                 
  300186571  Metamill Upgrade Fixed License         *)
  147609     Metamill University License            **) 
  154461     Metamill Student License               ***)
  *) need to have Metamill 6.x or newer license to purchase upgrade.
  **) minimum purchase 10 licenses. For educational use only.
  ***) single academic license. For educational use only.
For any technical assistance or technical information about the program, please contact Metamill support using support feedback form.
Validity between Releases
Your fixed license is valid for all minor releases (like 8.1 and 8.2 etc.) published after the main release, that means you get possible improvements and bug fixes to it for free. Only for major new releases (like 9.0) you need a new license. With one year license you always get the license for the latest version.

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