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Metamill licenses are affordable! In the purchase form, select the quantity of licenses you need. If quantity is greater than 1 you will automatically get the multi-platform license which will work in Windows and Linux. One single license can be installed in one workstation for one user only.

All prices in US dollars, daily fx rate is applied if purchased in other currencies.

Please note these are standard prices, if promotions are on, prices may be reduced. Go to Buynow and verify the actual price.

Metamill licenses
Number of licenses OS Price/license Discount
1 licenseWindows only $85-
2 - 4 licensesWin/Linux $70save 18%
5 - 9 licensesWin/Linux $65save 24%
10 - 14 licensesWin/Linux$60 save 29%
15 - 19 licensesWin/Linux$55 save 35%
20+ licensesWin/Linux $40 save 53%!
(+VAT where applicable)
Note: a single Windows license works only on Windows and all Linux only licenses only on Linux. Multi-platform licenses work on both systems. You can mix the licenses: e.g. buy 10 licenses and install 7 for Windows users and 3 for Linux users.

Linux only licenses
Number of licenses OS Price/license Discount
1 licenseLinux only$55-
2-4 licensesLinux only$35save 36%
5+ licensesLinux only$30save 45%
(+VAT where applicable)

Upgrading from Metamill 4.x or 5.x
To upgrade you need to have an existing license for Metamill 4.0 or later. You need it when activating the upgrade license. Number of licenses doesn't need to match, so you can buy as many new upgrades as you wish. If you have a license for older versions, like 2.x or 3.x, you need a new full license. There is no upgrade available for Linux only licenses and Academic licenses.
Upgrade Licenses
Number of licenses OS Price/license Discount
1 licenseWindows only $50save 41%
2 - 4 licensesWin/Linux $45save 47%
5 - 9 licensesWin/Linux $40save 53%
10 - 14 licensesWin/Linux$35save 59%
15 - 19 licensesWin/Linux$30save 65%
20+ licensesWin/Linux $25save 71%!
(+VAT where applicable)
If you have a Team Pack (5-users) or Enterprise Pack (10-users), just buy as many new licenses as you need, all with upgrade price. E.g. upgrading Team Pack would mean purchasing 5 new upgrade licenses, or if your team has grown, you may want to upgrade it buying 10 new licenses.
If you have a Business Unit Site License (unlimited users), that license type is no more available. To upgrade, just purchase as many new upgrade licenses as you need, or contact Metamill sales for a custom made deal.

Academic licenses
Academic licenses are strictly for non-commercial, educational use only and will expire after 10 months of use. More information here.
License type OS Price/license
University license (10 minimum)Win/Linux$10
Student licenseWin/Linux$30
(+VAT where applicable)


Technical support
There is a free on-line support for registered users. Multi-user license users have priority in technical support over single license users. For further information about any license option please contact: sales@(NO_SPAM) or use support feedback form.
To buy license on-line, please click here

As Metamill license fees are very affordable, illegal use hopefully concerns only very small number of people. Please respect the licensing, this will allow us to continue developing new features.

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