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"Metamill is a solid, simple and powerful UML modeling software, perfect for creative visual design and advanced code engineering"  

Windows and Linux versions.
UML reverse-engineering support for your projects.

UML CASE Tool for UML designers

Metamill's Approach

Metamill's approach is pragmatic, a good balance of academic and business worlds Just look what Metamill offers! Ever wished you had a swift design tool when sketching the first parts of a new system? And a tool which grows with the project, with its powerful code engineering support. Download evaluation version today and buy licenses when you are ready to start your project.

Professional tool

You get the full product with code engineering functionality for all supported languages.

Real value for money.

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Metamill Functionality (Windows and Linux)

Metamill is not just a diagramming tool. It has an internal UML 2.4 metamodel which can be manifested using diagrams. All 14 diagrams of UML 2.4 are supported. Models are in standard XMI 2.1 format. All available licensing options support round-trip code engineering for Python, ADA, Java, C++, C++14, C, C# and VB.Net. HTML and RTF documents can be generated from models. Metamill 8.2 supports round-trip engineering for Python 3. Metamill offers great software engineering power at an affordable price. Now supports C++11/14.

Version 8.2   (30 May 2018)
Metamill for Windows version 8.2 is released today.
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Metamill for Linux 8.2   (5 June 2018)
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Version 8.2 available now! Download the evaluation version and see also the User's Guide below.

Metamill User's Guide Metamill User's Guide gives you an introduction to UML and explains the way Metamill uses it.

New Features
  • C++11/14 support
  • Improved Windows 10 support
  • Summon inner classes function
  • Python 3 support
  • Improved C++, C, ADA, Java and .Net
  • Unchanged XMI model file format

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