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  2001 - 2011

Metamill Software celebrates its continuous drive to deliver quality UML modeling software to users around the globe. Already ten years have passed since the first Metamill version was implemented. Metamill is quite different now compared to the first release, Metamill 1.0, which had only very basic functionality and only sub-set of UML diagrams. Current Metamill is powerful modeling tool supporting UML 2.3 and code engineering for multiple languages. However, only constant improvements and continuously listening to customer needs will allow Metamill to keep that small market share it already has and possibly gain some more market share in the future.

The long awaited new release, version 6.0 is now available. It will continue Metamill's easy to use GUI and sophisticated analytics capabilities. I am confident this release will be very useful for many kinds of projects, wherever UML is used.

Thank you for your support.

Hannu Haven
Metamill Software

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